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In 2020, Sirius XM radio host and Spring 1998 initiate, Mike Muse created the non-profit organization "Vote Quadrant" in response to the perpetual problem of police brutality in this country and the fact that African-Americans men are 2.5x more likely than white men to die as a result of police violence.  Even more troubling is the fact that any resulting prosecution and conviction of the offending police officers is nearly a non-existent happenstance.   Mike created this initiative to work towards creating true change in this arena based on his personal   

philosophy. True change regarding police brutality occurs when the holders of four political offices (Mayors, District Attorneys, Judges and Police Commissioners) do their jobs and hold law enforcement accountable for their police practices and actions. VOTE QUADRANT seeks to do three things: 1. Share information and raise the awareness that true change happens when we vote in our local town and in-state elections. 2. Mobilize people to vote in the local elections to ensure that we elect politicians who will represent our concerns and issues appropriately! 3. Create Change!


Jimmy McMikle worked with Mike Muse to form a national partnership between Kappa Alpha Psi and his VOTE QUADRANT Initiative. That partnership formation is a natural tie-in with the work of our existing Learn 2 Live National Social Justice Initiative.   The VOTE QUADRANT initiative will educate, energize and mobilize the public through a public series of


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The 1st Town Hall Forum

Town Hall Forums across the country. These forums will feature a live facilitated discussion with a guest panel of Mayors, District Attorneys, Judges and Police Commissioners.  

The partnership launched with a virtual national town hall forum last year.  Access restrictions surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic halted the ensuing scheduled series of town hall forums on college campuses where chapters of Kappa Alpha Psi exist.  Those monthly series of town hall forums are scheduled to resume in the 2023 calendar year.   

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