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Jimmy McMikle spent nearly two years developing Kappa Alpha Psi's strategic plan to be the directional compass for the fraternity through 2025.  The goals and strategies of that plan are now in full implementational swing.  Kappa Alpha Psi is poised to experience the most effective and successful transition between fraternal administrations that Kappa has ever encountered. That is because Jimmy's vision for the future of Kappa Alpha Psi is centered around the goals of the strategic plan. Therefore, these goals establish the baseline for the scorecard and performance standard to how he will be judged and held accountable during a 35th Administration.  All new partnerships, programs, and initiatives to benefit Kappa Alpha Psi, as well as existing program and initiative growth and enhancements will correlate categorically to an area represented in the 35th Administration Scorecard, which is represented in the graphic below.  

pLATFORM Final upload jpeg.jpg
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