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Rising incidents of public mass shootings have traumatized the American public leaving countless numbers of senseless deaths across our country's landscape. However it is the increase in targeted racially motivated attacks that have created a special concern factor for African-American organizations that regularly gather in large assemblies.   In addition to safety concerns, large assemblies present an equally important need for adequate emergency medical response capabilities.  Time is of the essence when dealing with a variety of medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest.  In fact, the provision of appropriate "hands-on" medical treatment within the first four minutes of a cardiac arrest incident statistically determines whether a person will live or die.  As it pertains to the aftermath of any targeted attack, an effective medical response protocol is necessary for the treatment of injuries and minimization of associated complications.  Kappa Alpha Psi will place an emphasis on ensuring that our membership is safe and has a competent medical response protocol to meet the immediate needs of our ​membership when and where appropriate during our national gatherings. The first step is the development of Kappa Alpha Psi's National Public Safety Committee.  

With a career background in the emergency service arena (and a credentialed resume as an EMS first responder, and in the area of mass casualty incident response and disaster preparedness) Jimmy McMikle is leveraging his professional experience to begin the process of creating a formalized emergency response plan and a holistic approach to member safety, security and EMS response at national gatherings of Kappa Alpha Psi.  

Brother McMikle has assembled a core group of ​subject matter experts from our membership to shape our future standard operating protocols and guidelines in this arena. This core group consists of members of Kappa Alpha Psi who have served (and currently serve) as agents in the FBI, the United States Secret Service and in high level command positions in law enforcement and the fire and EMS fields.  The committee will expand in its membership, leveraging additional subject matter experts from the fraternal membership (including members from the Brothers of the Shield Committee).  The first impact and presence of the Public Safety Committee will be felt at the 86th Grand Chapter Meeting in 2023. The core group has already began the important work of meeting in person


with the Tampa Police and Fire Departments to prepare for our Grand Chapter Meeting in Tampa.   

Ultimately, the Public Safety Committee will extend training to the individual provinces to help establish emergency response plans for gatherings at the various CRWLC's and Province Council's that occur in Kappa Alpha Psi.  Stay tuned for more information and updates regarding this critical national committee.  

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