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“Training for leadership” is the motto of Kappa Alpha Psi. Now it’s time to develop, enhance and expand the opportunities at our disposal to train for leadership for the fraternal growth, personal growth, professional development and life readiness of our membership.  That requires a coordinated year-round approach to leadership development so that all programs under our "Training for Leadership" umbrella work together in a complimentary manner.  


Jimmy is taking an active lead in the high level coordination of this effort.  He has developed an executive level training curriculum for our leadership councils (Councils of Province Polemarchs, Council of Senior Province Vice Polemarchs and Council of Junior Province Vice Polemarchs) and Grand Chapter officers.  He will be personally engaged with developing and implementing an emerging leadership training curriculum, specific to the local chapter (Polemarch and Vice-Polemarch) levels that offer formal training, coaching and mentorship for the emerging leaders in Kappa Alpha Psi in preparation for leadership opportunities on the provincial and national levels. Jimmy believes that it is vital to start placing an emphasis on pipeline development to produce future generations of competent and qualified leadership.


We will begin leveraging technology through virtual learning platforms to deliver training more efficiently and effectively to both internal and external audiences. We will increase the quality of our existing CRWLC to offer transformational leadership opportunities to an in-person audience of our chapter leaders each fall.


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