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Kappa Alpha Psi's strategic plan lists Undergraduate Growth and Development as a key focus area for the 2021-2025 time period.  The primary goal of that focus area is the: Coordinated strategic effort to support Kappa Alpha Psi’s collegiate demographic by empowering academic achievement; expanding the fraternity’s college footprint; providing training opportunities and creating pipelines for effective professional transition.  That will occur through a number of identified strategies.   One of the greatest facilitators to that end is an effective corporate partnership.  A new corporate partner that shares the passion of our established goal is Capital One.  


Jimmy McMikle and Kappa Alpha Psi's Deputy Executive Director, Ryan Tucker have worked with Fall '93 (Nu Xi Chapter) initiate Terrance Bowman, the current Campus Director of Diversity Talent Acquisition at Capital One to solidify a mutually beneficial partnership for both of our organizations that satisfies a shared desire to empower the collegiate demographic (both in college and in subsequent life).  Jimmy, Ryan and Terrance have been engaged in a series of planning sessions to map out a long term strategy with Capital One for the benefit of Kappa Alpha Psi's undergraduate demographic.  That partnership will provide (at a bare minimum) leadership training and development, life and career readiness as well as internship and full-time job opportunities.  However, the full possibilities associated with the partnership are still a work in progress.  This long-term relationship will allow Capital One to be a visible, contributory and participatory presence at all future national meetings and undergraduate specific events and conferences to drive effective impact.   

The first evidenced commitment of this new partnership was a $25K financial sponsorship of the 2022 Undergraduate Leadership Institute (ULI).  Stay tuned for future updates regarding the evolution of this partner relationship and what involvement at the 86th Grand Chapter Meeting will look like.

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